Tuesday, March 13, 2007

spring break!

So I'm in Dublin, in an internet cafe. We arrived in Galway Saturday, 8 a.m. Irish time. I spent the day wandering around town seeing what was what. At night we saw the play, ''Leaves.'' I thought it was okay, but everyone else seemed to think it was great. It was about a family whose daughter tried to commit suicide. She was sent to a hospital of sorts, and the play focuses on her return home, and the effects on the rest of the family. I thought the end wrapped up too neatly. The mother and suicidal daughter had a breakthrough one night, and in the next scene it's a few months later, the daughter is leaving for college, and everyone is happy and back to normal. Sure.

On Sunday we took a bus tour of what I presume was the ''countryside'' on a windy, rainy day. The weather was totally tolerable, though, as the scenery was beautiful. We had dinner in a quasi-French restaurant, the highlight of which was the raspberry tart I had for dessert. Yum.

Yesterday (Monday) was incredible. We went to the Aran Islands, and took a ferry to Inis More, the biggest island. Though I thought I was going to die of seasickness on the boat ride over, it was well worth it. The weather was impeccably gorgeous, and the island was absolutely stunning. We hiked up to this fort that overlooked a 300-foot cliff. What a view. The water was bright green and the cliffs on either side of us were sheer drops. Some of us braved the height and lay down right at the edge to peer over, myself included. And, again, I can't even begin to describe how impeccable the weather was. Blue sky, sun, and zero clouds for the majority of the day. We were so lucky. I also bought a really cute hand-made knit hat. At night some of us went to a pub-ish restaurant, then followed that up with an hour or so of traditional Irish folk music in another pub. What a great end to a superb day.

Today we drove to Dublin, stopping on the way at Coole Park, where I took a solitary hike through the woods. This was definitely the most gorgeous forest I've ever seen. There were old stone walls all over the place. Trees were covered in ivy, and everything was covered in bright green moss. It was serene.

Tonight we're going to see Shakespeare's ''Julius Caesar'' at the Abbey Theatre. It should be good. We have to review it, though, so that means I can't go out tonight. Damn. I'm really looking forward to some serious nightlife now that my jet lag is finally all worn off.

Oh yeah, last thing: I set up an appointment today to get another tattoo! My quest to get tattooed in every foreign country I visit (not counting Canada) is on its way! So exciting!

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