Wednesday, September 13, 2006

hooray for free speech

I just finished writing my first brief for Media Law on the Times v. Sullivan case. As much as I've been whining about this class and how boring it is, that actually wasn't so bad. And I SUPPOSE I like learning about first amendment stuff when you get right down to it. If I intend to be a journalist, then I should probably know the laws that directly affect me anyhow. Hopefully we will get to all the sex and obscenity stuff soon, though, because that should be extra fun. And lord knows I have lots to say regarding "obscenity." Like maybe the fact that it's completely subjective? A couple hundred years ago, showing your ankles was considered obscene. Now 13-year-olds walk around with their thongs hanging out the back of their pants and Abercrombie & Fitch ads are practically soft core porn. Granted, I don't particularly enjoy seeing either of those things, but why is that okay, while a naked breast is DOOM! Shield the littles ones' eyes! Not a breast! Not the thing they ATE FROM FOR A YEAR.

The FCC is full of crap and unconstitutional, if you ask me. It's called a v-chip, people. Or you could always, you know, TURN THE TV OFF!


Anyways! I also voted today. Go me. I love voting. I vote for any little thing I can- school board, comptroller, all that stuff where no one really knows what the position actually entails. It's good stuff.

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