Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas in November

Last night Bob, Jon, and I went to Clark's Ale House for a couple hours. When we first got there, a guy was playing the accordion in the corner. How very unexpected. Sadly, he only stayed for about half an hour after we three got there, though. Afterwards we walked around Armory Square a bit looking for this church that may or may not actually be located downtown. I was hoping to take a picture of it for part of the cross-platform assignment, but the only reference I had to go on was a purposely blurry photograph of the church, with no address or name listed, by photographer Rik Pinkcombe (that's who my project is on).

We didn't find it, but we did end up wandering over to Clinton Square, and I suggested we check out the Christmas Tree. Such a fantastic idea! It was all lit up, as Friday night was the lighting ceremony. It was also ridiculously warm out, like 50 degrees, which is highly unusual for Syracuse. Normally it's below freezing and there's a foot of snow on the ground by now. So anyways, the tree is right on the edge of the little outdoor ice skating rink, so we played on the ice in our sneakers for a while. It was such great fun! I definitely need to make ice skating in Clinton Square a regular plan this winter.

Playing under the Christmas tree's light definitely put me in the holiday spirit, which up until now I was seriously lacking. I was a regular Scrooge. (Though can you blame me, what with all the Christmas decorations and stupid carols playing at the mall starting a month ago? Yech...)

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