Saturday, December 9, 2006

winter fun

It was snowing the other day, and it was really pretty, so I took a picture. The photo uploader thingy didn't feel like working that day, so I'm trying to post again now. Here is my street:

Those would be my tire tracks. So pretty. But look how unfestive my street is--there is only one house with xmas lights (on the right).

Here are the pumpkins my parents grew at our cabin. Cute!

Too bad they're frozen now. So much for homemade pumpkin pie...

And here are Jon, Raquel, and Dante doing the Carl dance at the ice skating rink in Clinton Square:

Unfortunately the rink closed at 8 p.m., not 10, so we couldn't actually ice skate (hence our footware of sneakers and boots instead of skates). But I'm really adoring Clinton Square lately. The buildings surrounding it are all made of brick and stone and the rink is all lit up for Christmas. So lovely. I am loving winter this year.

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