Friday, December 22, 2006

I heart NY

Why I Love New York City:

There are the usual reasons: the great shopping, the "melting pot" factor, it's the cultural mecca of the U.S., there is always something to do at all hours of the day and night... But the number one reason is that there is art everywhere. Literally, everywhere you look, there is either graffiti, a museum or gallery, a piece of sculpture, etc. etc. I was in NY for some internship interviews Monday through Wednesday and managed to remember to bring my camera for once. Check it out:

This is the view from inside the shops at Columbus Circle. So pretty. Also, they changed color. Here it is in green:

Then outside Columbus Circle, I found an outdoor market where people were selling mostly homemade stuff, like knitwear, jewelry, soaps; and if it wasn't handmade, it was quirky and cool in some other way. Take for instance...

THE WALL OF PUPPETS! These were so cool. They looked like the puppets from the TV show, Crank Yankers. I bought the little boy with blue skin and yellow hair (bottom center, between a black boy in a blue outfit and a white girl in a pink dress) for my young cousin.

When I finally headed back to Grand Central, they were playing xmas music and a kaleidoscope of images of the city was being projected onto the walls and ceiling. I definitely stood there gawking for a good eight minutes. I wish I'd been quicker with my camera because one of the photographs was of lots of taxis, and it looked really cool, but I did manage to capture some of the Chrysler Building:

Oh, how I love this city. Although Syracuse has its charms, and the art scene here is growing by leaps and bounds, I still can't wait to move to New York. No other place in the world can compare to it.

P.S. I went to the Brooklyn Museum Wednesday, and fell absolutely in love with these two paintings: (Of course I was dumb and neglected to write down their titles or artists, though.)

Just look at the expression and body position of the one up top. Though her face is definitely out of proportion, it's still somehow lovely in its fright. And the fabric? The skirt portion is amazing. The talent it requires to paint transparent fabric and with appropriate folds and wrinkles is just mind-boggling.

As for the guy at the bottom, I suppose I would say that I understand how he feels as of late. Something invisible pushing him down, but still struggling to stay up, though mostly in vain. He just looks... broken.

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