Sunday, January 21, 2007

immersion trip photos

A poster in the little museum in the Performing Arts Library. This picture's a bit small to really see it, but it's absolutely beautiful and kind of goth looking.

Another theatre poster. It's so pretty... God, I love art nouveau.

Some random graffiti in Chelsea that I liked. It looks like the skeleton guy is trying to escape from the wall. Cute!

This is a painting by Cecily Kahn (from the day spent gallery hopping in Chelsea) that I really loved. I think the white splatter looks like a person falling head first. But the pastel colors in the background are serene, giving the sense that the "person" is floating, not falling. Yet the black splatter is violent and forceful. So I think the "person" is dead. The whole thing feels conflicted: is it peaceful or disturbing? I'm leaning toward both. Death is a sad thing to have to deal with and accept, but it's still a natural part of life.

This is the hallway leading to the bathrooms in the Studio Museum in Harlem. How unusual. I've always loved bright red walls for some reason.

A car in desperate need of a good washing in a parking garage in Harlem. I adjusted it for the new year.

And last, but most certainly not least, me at The Daily Show!


Thomas Nigel said...

I read somewhere on your blog about Pat Lipsky. Did you read that interview she had with Brian Sherwin for the Myartspace blog?

twingomatic said...

I just found the article. Pat Lipsky is so fantastic. She was so sweet when we met her, and SO nice to welcome 20 strangers into her studio all at once. I also think she says great things in the interview (here: I want to like her work SO BADLY, but I still find it bland. It just doesn't do anything for me :\