Sunday, January 14, 2007

still NY

I actually returned from NYC a few days ago, but here is the wrap-up anyways:

Tuesday we spent the morning workshopping, and had lunch at the Algonquin again. We didn't have anything in the afternoon, so Erica and I did some window shopping on the upper west side. I found a pair of pointy-toed flats in bright yellow for only $20, but they only came in size seven. Sad.

In the evening we went to "The Daily Show"! Jon Stewart is a tiny, tiny man. But still awsome. I was surprised that every segment was done in only one take. I figured they would stop and do stuff over if someone stumbled over their words or anything. Also, they read from a teleprompter, which I was also surprised by, since Jon Stewart seems so natural when you watch it on TV, like he's just talking straight from his head. After the show, us SU'ers were herded into a separate room to wait for Steve Bodow, the head writer we were to have dinner with. And when Steve came down to meet us, he brought Jon Stewart with him! So we got to meet him en masse. We couldn't take any pictures or get autographs or anything, which was really disappointing, but I still got be in the same room as him, so hooray! nonetheless.

Wednesday was our last day. I walked to The Strand, where I picked up a copy of the complete "Little Nemo" comics. I also stumbled upon an organic farmer's market in Union Square, and got some hot garlic jelly and jalapeno sauerkraut for my father. I also went back to the Studio Museum in Harlem to get a copy of the Africa Comics catalogue.

We returned to Syracuse around 10 p.m., to find a few inches of snow on the ground! Finally! I was so happy to finally see snow. Unfortunately it rained today and washed away any remnants of winter prettiness.

In other news, zingmagazine finally called and now I have an internship! Next weekend I'm going back to NY to check out some apartments that I found on good ole' Craig's List, then the fillowing week I'm moving there! I'll still be returning to Syracuse Mondays through Wednesdays for my two classes a week, but I'll be living in NY four days a week. Hooray hooray horray hooray!!!

I'm so happy I'm finally moving to NY.

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