Wednesday, August 9, 2006

i heart art

Yesterday I went to the art park for something like the fifth time in the past two weeks. Jon and Raquel joined me at artist Al Zaruba's discussion. He showed slides of his work and some videos of his dancing in these massive costumes he makes that look like dumpy, mutated Big Birds. It was pretty impressive. A lot of the time when I listen to artists speak, their explanations seem kind of like bs. But Al seemed pretty genuine. Or maybe I'm just getting better at understanding art through this program. I'm going back to the park again tomorrow for music and then a mini film fest. The last film night I attended there was amazing. The films were all fantastic.

The most fun thing about yesterday's trip, though, wasn't actually the artist's talk. When we were leaving, Raquel, Jon and I noticed a cornfield on the side of the driveway. So I go "Do you want to pick some??" And we pulled over and actually tried to pick corn. Then not only was the corn not ripe yet, but there were mosquitoes everywhere. So we pretty much just waved our arms around for a while trying to avoid them and then got back in the car. It was pretty ridiculous.

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