Saturday, August 19, 2006

it's been a while...

So I really need to update this thing more often. I'm supposed to be writing in an official "blog" because apparently you have to do that if you want to be a journalist these days. So jeez, what have I been doing lately? Last Friday was the last day of "boot camp" and we spent it going to Cooperstown to see the opera at Glimmerglass. We saw "Jenufa," which turned out to be so much better than I was anticipating. We watched this awful dvd of a performance prior to the real opera, and then I was told that the real opera was set in the old west. Turns out it was actually set in what appeared to be depression-era midwest. Plus the singer at the real opera was way better than the dvd girl. The actress in the dvd made this horrific expression throughout the entire thing-even when she was supposed to be happy. It was like she was being tortured or something.

Anyways, then Saturday I watched "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" with some AJ kids. The whole movie made no sense whatsoever. It was 60s psychedelic nonsense. With lots of unneccessary boobies. Though funnily enough, it was written by Roger Ebert.

For the rest of this past week I haven't been doing much of anything. Yesterday was my 22nd birthday, so my family went to dinner at Secret Garden and had yummy Vietnamese and Japanese food. That place has the best shrimp tempura ever.

Tomorrow I'm volunteering at my beloved art park during the pottery/ceramics fair, though all I'll be doing is making and serving hot dogs. But I figure I'll at least get a couple free hot dogs out of it and some fresh air.

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