Tuesday, October 31, 2006

oh my goodness

Last night Linda, Bob, and I went to see stand up comedian Michael Ian Black (of I Love the 70s, 80s, 90s fame and Sierra Mist commercials) on campus. He was really funny, and somehow put up with all the embarassingly stupid things people were yelling during the question and answer portion at the end. Somehow Linda had found out ahead of time that there would be a reception afterwards at the Jewish center and that Michael Ian Black would be there. So the three of us went even though Linda was the only Jew among us. She and I were acting like idiotic fangirl stalkers at first, staring at him from across the room and giggling. We each asked him to sign a random magazine we had, which was awkward because everyone else had posters from the show and I had some student activist magazine. We also had Bob take our picture with him with Linda's cell phone camera, which I'm sure came off as equally moronic. Then we got the brilliant idea to ask him to get a drink with us.

We had to wait for all the vapid groupie girls to finish asking him about summer camp (really guys, all Jewish kids go to camp, it's not that special that he did too). And when we asked him, he shockingly said yes, even though he seemed really tired and sick of questions. So the four of us went to the bar at the Sheraton and hung out for two hours. He was really, really mellow and seemed maybe a little depressed, though he was probably just worn out from driving to Syracuse from NYC and dealing with dumb college kids all day. We mostly chatted about our program and just basic things. He only cracked jokes a few times, and of those, it seemed like he was just saying it to entertain us. He seemed like a really normal, mellow guy overall. He's married and said he was planning on taking his kids trick-or-treating for Halloween.

All in all, it was a bit awkward, but it was really nice of him to actually come out with us. In fact, the Hillel woman who was acting as his caretaker-of-sorts seemed quite perturbed when he said he was going with us, and was walking to the Sheraton with us no less (it's only three blocks from the Hillel house). So, yeah, he was pretty cool. Plus when I mentioned that I read comics, he said I can be a "cute comic girl who writes about comics" for a career. (Michael Ian Black thinks I'm cute! Tee-hee.)

I believe Linda said the same thing in her blog, but during his act, he claimed to google himself all the time. So if you come across this, M.I.B., thanks a lot for hanging out with us. You're a swell guy. And Stella is a really funny show.

Oh yeah, and I have to join Linda here as well, and say that he is absolutely adorable and I want to marry him (except for the fact that he's already married).

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