Monday, October 16, 2006


This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a while. Friday was the Tully Free Speech symposium, which was actually far more interesting than I had anticipated, so that was good. Afterwards Dave, Jon, and I got Korean food at Secret Garden, then watched "Wayne's World" and "Dodgeball" with Kathleen. Dave and I stayed up for a while more after the others left, just hanging out, which was cool because I used to stay up super late doing nothing with friends in undergrad, so it's been a while since last doing that.

Saturday Dave and I went to Highly Atomic Vintage, a vintage clothing and record store in Syracuse that turned out to be pretty damn cool. Their stuff cost a bit more than I would care to spend on used clothes and records, so I didn't buy anything. The point of going was to check out the fetish-inspired photography on display there by a local artist anyways. I really loved most of his photos, particularly the ones that used a lot of black and white contrasts. Most also had little shocks of bright color, like a model's red lips or auburn hair, or some other small detail. Really lovely stuff, and very sexy for the most part. I wrote a 300-word review about it for tomorrow's AJ class. And 300 words was tough, let me tell you. I could have spent pages describing every detail of the photos I liked best.

The weather was really, really beautiful, so we then went apple-picking in LaFayette. Of course on the way there, the clouds got more and more dark and ominous, and just as we were finishing picking apples, it started to hail like hell. But then ten minutes later, as we came back out of the apple and whatnot store, the sun was back out and the clouds were completely gone. It was crazy! So then we came back to my house, then went to Wegmans to get some stuff for my parents, and then parted ways. Later Dave, Jon, my sister, and I met up and went to the hip-hop show that Steve from high school was going to perform at. About half a dozen people I knew in high school (and actually liked) ended up being there, so that was really great. And the music was pretty damn good too. We eventually left and all went to an after-party for Jon's brother's comedy troupe, which turned out to be quite fun. It was full of nice people, including a bunch that spoke French! It's been a loooooong time since I've been to a decent house party, so I enjoyed that very, very much. Plus it was fun to go out with my sister. We will have to do so more often.

Today I woke up at noon, which was glorious, and my mother and I did a bit of shopping. I got a corduroy military-style cap, a leopard-print cardigan, and most importantly, Halloween costume supplies! I'm making a quasi-geisha outfit. I already have tabi socks and tatami sandals, so I just have to make the kimono, which I'm keeping short, because that's cuter and more fun. Cannot wait to get started, though I'm not entirely sure when I'll have the time. I finished my re-write of my last review and the review of the photography show for AJ class, and it's only 10:45! I can either go to bed now, and end up waking up at a decent hour tomorrow (and probably do more homework before heading off to school), or do more homework now and get up later tomorrow. Hmmmm...? Is there really any doubt as to which I'll choose? Bed now!

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