Sunday, October 8, 2006

oh well

I'm supposed to be treating this "blog" more seriously, posting my opinions on art and whatnot and less on my personal life... and write professionally with no cursing, but...


The polite police can stuff it. I finally started listening to the Velvet Underground boxed set tonight (which I received for my birthday almost two months ago). I started with the CD that's a bunch of demos of some of their most popular songs. The songs were basically screwups from when they were recording in the studio. Hearing Lou's unadulterated gravelly, scratchy voice was awsome. And then listening to him curse or laugh when they messed up was really entertaining. And as much as I adore Nico, and love her in "All Tomorrow's Parties," sorry, but Lou just does it better. It was his song, after all. Nico was just put in place by Andy Warhol. Him singing it is so much more genuine. I'm so glad I have these CDs. In fact, I think I'm gonna put one on and do some homework now.

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